A Little About Us


California Snack Foods is located in Southern California and was founded in 1961 by Murl Nelson Sr. Murl began with a small caramel covered apple business selling “Karm’l Dapples” to local schools, churches and county fairs. The karm’l dapples were such a hit that Murl decided to bring in his son, Steve, and Steve’s wife Mary to help run the business in 1968.

As the karm’l dapples became more popular within the local community, Steve was able to expand the product list and developed a line of flavored popcorns that have been perfected over the last four decades! With the success of the popcorn it was only a matter of time before the company expanded once more and the idea of a freeze and eat bar, later to be called Ice Tickles, began development in the mid-80’s

In 1992, California Snack Foods acquired a second company, California Treats, which specializes in gourmet popcorns as well as mustards, dry soups and dessert cakes.

After 50 years, California Snack Foods can still be found in the same location between the 10 and 60 freeways making the same delicious treats you remember from when you were a child with a few new additions that have come along the way!

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